Sunday 28 May 2017
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Category: Islam Studies


Be not sad, surely Allah is with us

We all know the beautiful Ayah that was revealed in Surah At Tawbah “Be not sad; surely Allah is with us.” (Quran 9:40) Do you...


A Holiday Message from the Life of Omar

From the Greek and Syriac sources of the Church Elders There are those who love and there are those who hate. Of which were our pious...


Striving for Excellence

By Uzma Awan It so happens, sometimes Shaytan (Satan) fools us into believing we are doing well. We are keeping up with our fard...


After Repentance Comes… Hardship?

By JINAN BASTAKI “And [He also forgave] the three who were left behind [and regretted their error] to the point that the earth closed in...


The Delights of Paradise

By Raiiq Ridwan Ibn al-Qayyim said, in regards to the description of the Paradise and the delights that it contains: “And if you ask...


Every Soul Shall Taste It

By JINAN BASTAKI   “The eyes surely tear, and the heart is surely in pain, but (with my tongue) I will only say that which is...


Too Busy for Qur’an? Check These 3 Tips To Get Rolling

By MANSOOR AHMED  Most of us spend close to 8-10 hours of our entire day genuinely busy, be it at work, school, internships,...


What Goes Up Must Come Down…?

By JINAN BASTAKI There is something striking about the life of Yusuf `alyahi as-salaam (peace be upon him). Every time it seems...


It Was a Great Day to be a Muslim: How I Found Nourishment for My Soul

By SHIBLI ZAMAN  Yesterday. I sigh remembering it. What a blessing yesterday was. I met up with an old friend who lived across the street...


10 Things That Shouldn’t Happen Once You Become a More Practising Muslim

By UBAH We have seen it time and time again. We may have even experienced it. For so long, you were a Muslim only by name. You did not know...