Saturday 27 May 2017
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Category: Personal Development


Pay Attention To His Ugly Whispers!

This is an advice and a reminder to all of us. A few days ago, I had a chat with one of my friends. We ended up discussing a matter that...


6 Tips to Remain Steadfast in Faith

Any great goal you want to achieve requires you to make a solid plan and put effort to achieve this dream goal. Right…? Now, how come...


How to cope with Death Part II

While this story is often quoted to demonstrate the qualities of a patient and considerate wife, it also reveals her profound wisdom and...


The Ultimate Hope

There is a very strong and beautiful message – among many- in Surat Al Kahf that sometimes we forget. The message is in this verse:...


How to protect your marriage

One of the most striking and most alarming hadiths that draw our attention to a major problem we may not be paying attention to is the...


Do I have firm faith?

“I lost it. I lost the moment. I was so close to doing this act of obedience, and now I’m no longer there. I’m so far...


What makes you Angry?

If you find yourself angry, heated, short tempered, easy to lash out at people and easily inclined to make a big scene out of a small...


Judging others unjustly?

A friend of mine was doing Umrah a few years ago. Like everyone else, she fell absolutely in love with Al-Masjid AnNabawi (The...


Remembering the First Message

by Dina Mohamed Basiony Most of us know by heart the very first words that were revealed from the Qur’an to Noble Prophet Muhammad...


Allah Is Protecting Your Heart

One of the most beautiful, most soothing and most heartwarming moments you could have is when you realize how much Allah – The Most...