Sunday 28 May 2017
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Category: Personal Development


Connecting through Islam.

The five pillars of Islam provide a perfect path and plan to connect the created being with his/her Creator. If you think about it,...


How Fasting Helps the Single Muslim

“Fasting and marriage: how is this relevant?” This is what would come to some people’s minds when they come across this noble hadith:...


Sex before marriage?

The dignity of human beings and especially the dignity of women is something that is utterly valued and highly sanctified in Islam. A...


The importance of family ties

Many people ask this question: “how to maintain family ties when the family doesn’t even make an effort to keep ties with me? What to...


Are you the judgemental type?

Judging others and being judged seem to be very common issues that are frustrating many people, troubling their hearts and disturbing their...


Lost hope in Allah?

There is this one sin that you keep falling in again and again…and again. You repent and you repent. But you fall into it again. You...


Parental Advice

What’s the best advice you would give to your son/daughter, especially as they enter into adulthood? What are the most important life...


Who are your friends?

Truly this is one of the most dangerous and most critical aspects about one’s guidance and steadfastness on the straight path, yet...


How much love do you have in your Heart

Love Think of a person that you may have fallen in love with or are already in love with. Then answer Yes or No to the following questions...


Why can’t we see God?

Why Can’t We See God? I was talking to a young sister over the phone. We haven’t seen or met each other before. She was referred to me...