Sunday 28 May 2017
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Category: Purification


Race Towards Good Deeds

by Abu Productive A neighbour of mine had a knee operation about a month ago, and for a month I’ve been telling myself to go visit him....


How to Be Productive Without Getting Stressed Out

by Yasemin Inal We all try to avoid the dreaded “S” word, but sometimes it just creeps up on us and our loved ones. Yes, we all want...


10 Tips to Earn Allah’s [swt] Tawfeeq

by Shaheen Ahmad What is tawfeeq? Tawfeeq is the special acceptance and blessing of Allah with which He enables us to achieve our aims. It...


How to Deal with Emotional Challenges and Hardships

by Raghad Ebied Sometimes we face stubborn challenges that hold us back from our dreams. They keep us ‘stuck’ and slow down our...


12 Super Sunnahs We Should Seriously Begin to Follow

by Aishah Quick question to refresh our minds: who was Prophet Muhammad ? As Muslims, we believe he was the last and final messenger of...


14 Tips to Survive Challenging College Environments

by Ala’a Mazloum Moving out of your parents’ house and going to university somewhere far away where you can have a fresh start is...


Relax, Sister: How to Take the Rejuvenating Breaks You Need

by Writing Muslimah Time flies between juggling all of our different roles, and women often feel like they are not ‘allowed’ to relax,...


How to Inspire Our Children to Gain Knowledge

by Shumaila Mahmood Children are a product of our society and the most valuable asset of our future. We, as adults, greatly influence how a...


3 Productive Ways To Give Sadaqah As A Family

by Naima Asma Cherfaoui Giving Sadaqah (charity) is not only a great way to fulfill the needs of the poor, but also serves as a...


Productive Party Ideas for Sisters

by Sana Gul Waseem Any gathering that we organize is incomplete and lack luster without barakah from Allah , which descends on people who...