Sunday 28 May 2017
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Duas for the Women in Our Lives

1. Tonight let’s make a special dua for our Mothers. Not only have they loved and protected us all our lives, but they’ve kept us safe. When was the last time we all sat our mothers down and said ‘I love and appreciate you’ Just imagine how happy that would make our mothers. So may Allah bless all our mothers, past and present with Jannah because no-one deserves it more than they do. Ameen.

2. Ok brothers let’s make a Dua for all the women in our lives. Whether they’re mothers, daughters, sisters or wives (No girlfriends I hope!) May Allah bless the women in our life and grant them Jannah. It’s important to appreciate people. As men, do we really appreciate our wives and mothers? If not, let’s start today. Let’s really make an effort guys. May Allah bless them with happiness. Ameen

3. Today a message for us brothers. Do we really appreciate our wives? Our Prophet said “A Muslim must not hate his wife, and if he be displeased with one bad quality in her, let him be pleased with one that is good” So today, tell your wife you love her. Give her a hug. Buy her flowers. Tell her she is beautiful. No marriage is perfect and we all need to make an effort. So today, you make the effort.