Sunday 28 May 2017
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Duas for Your Family

1. Ya Allah, please forgive my sins that I may have committed and please forgive the sins of my parents, children, brothers and sisters in Islam and please also forgive the sins of every single member of HOTD. Ameen.

2. Dear Allah. Please grant me and every member of HOTD and their friends and family a safe passage on the Day of Judgement. Protect us in your shade. Be Merciful to us on the day when we will all require Mercy. I love you Allah. I love you so much and I love Muhammad (peace be upon him) Thank-you Allah for giving us such an amazing example to follow in our beautiful Prophet (peace be upon him).

3. Tonight I want to make a special dua for my family. Who we always take for granted. Have we ever sat down even for 5 minutes to count how fortunate we are to have a great family? Their support, love and encouragement help us so much. Tonight on behalf of my family I pray Allah keeps YOUR families safe and away from harm. Tonight HOTD remembers the importance of family and parents. Ameen!

4. Another day passes and the whole universe belongs to Allah. Allah I ask for you to keep my family and I safe. To bless us. To keep our love strong. Ameen

5. Dear Allah, today I ask from you just one thing. That you give me and every single member of HOTD and our families a safe passage to Jannah on the Day of Judgement. Ameen

6. Hope you’re all keeping safe in this cold weather. May Allah protect us all. Always. Ameen!