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At Hadith of the Day (HOTD) we have one of the largest online Muslim communities in the world and our content reaches over 40 million people per week. Our aim is to provide educational and inspirational knowledge, inviting millions around the world towards the path of Islam.

Our mission is to help Muslims and non-Muslims alike to broaden their knowledge, encourage them, and help them rediscover the way of life that Islam is, as guided by the Quran, Hadith and the lives of our Prophets (peace and blessings be upon them) and the Sahabahs (may Allah be pleased with them), while applying these pearls of wisdom in our day to day lives that are immersed in juggling family, health, career, education, relationships, business transactions and other daily pursuits.

If you would like to do something voluntary for the Ummah and contribute in our mission of spreading the beauty of Islam – submit your article(s), share your reflections, ideas, experience on any topic along Islamic principles that will educate, enlighten, encourage, brighten up someone’s day.

Submission Guidelines

Written in English and containing approximately 500-800 words, your article should be inspirational, motivating and be prepared along these guidelines for review by our editorial team:

1. Please use United Kingdom English settings in your word processor.

2. Articles will be reviewed for writing quality, content, relevance to Islam and to HOTD’s mission.

3. Please suggest an interesting title that best suits the content of your article. Titles may be edited by HOTD for appropriateness.

4. All references and resources to be clearly cited at the end of the article.

5. Please use this format for citing ayahs and hadiths, HOTD will verify all ayahs and hadiths quoted in the article:

a. Ayahs: (Surah #:Ayah #) e.g (13:28)
b. Hadiths: (Collection, Book, Hadith #) e.g. (Sahih Bukhari, Book 5, Hadith 10)

6. All articles must be original and not be previously published elsewhere. With the exception of our internal agreements with other organisations, we do not reproduce or cross-post work published on other websites. Please ensure your work is your own work.

7. Articles will be published with the author’s full name. Please provide a pseudonym if preferred.

8. Adhere to the word limit. Long articles are welcome, however length is an important consideration in the selection of articles.

9. Include a brief bio of yourself with your article, in 3-5 lines.

10. Please complete all the requested information in the submission form.

After Your Submission

1. All submissions will be carefully reviewed by HOTD and we appreciate your patience as due to a large volume of submissions our response to you may take time.

2. Articles will be edited for grammar, syntax, punctuation.

3. HOTD will contact you once your article is reviewed and:

a. Requires further editing/adjustments by you.

b. Is accepted as is for publication and we will let you know the date that it will be published.

All the best in your writing, we look forward to your best work, may Allah reward you abundantly for your efforts and contribution to this noble mission at HOTD.

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