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My name is Fatimah Clarisse and this is how I accepted Islam

Assalamu Alaykum. I am honoured to share my story on how I entered Islam.

My name is Fatimah Clarisse. I am a nurse and divorced with no children from my previous marriage. I was blessed and given the opportunity to work in one of the biggest hospitals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I was born and raised as a Christian.

While I was in Riyadh, I met many people, mostly Muslims. I was curious and eager to know about Islam. I witnessed and was amazed by how holy and blessed the people in Riyadh are and I felt a very deep indescribable feeling every time I heard the beautiful call of Adhaan. My eagerness to learn more about Islam grew day by day, especially to learn more about and read the Quran. I tried to talk to my Muslim to learn more. I prayed that if I was meant to know more about Islam, God would give me an instrument, a person who will teach me and lead me to be a better person.

Allah indeed works in mysterious ways. Allah sent me a very good man in Ali. Ali was very instrumental in my “conversion” to Islam. He taught me every day, everything about Islam, how to be a good Muslim. Through him I discovered how beautiful the Quran is, and Islam being the true religion. Ali made me understood the 5 Pillars of Islam and how to pray. There I discovered that what happened in my life, everything has a purpose, and Allah loved me so much that He brought me to Riyadh to know and discover Islam. And not only that, Allah also gave me the real meaning of love. Ali made me think and look back at my past, and made me realize that how fortunate I am to be loved by Allah and Allah is leading me to a new and better life that will lead me to Jannah InshaAllah.

Ali brought me to an Islamic centre in Riyadh where I finally wholeheartedly embraced Islam on 7 June 2011. When I prayed the Shahadah, I felt that all the pain and heartaches in my life were removed and replaced by the love and peace that Allah had given me. I was very happy and I experienced my first Ramadan in Riyadh, and I was able to perform my Umrah and was able to visit Madinah and Makkah. This was the happiest day of my life. And not only that, all my Dua when I was in praying in Makkah were answered by Allah.

Allah gave me a great gift, after I accepted Islam – Ali proposed marriage to me and told me and the Imam in the Islamic Center of his good intention of marrying me. I cried not because of sadness but because of happiness, because not only Allah had given me a second chance at life, a beautiful life as a Muslim but Allah had given me love. A pure love that is built on trust, and strengthened by our love for Allah as the centre in our relationship.

My life after I entered Islam was not all bed of roses. I was tested by Allah and so was my relationship with Ali. I had initiated the process of migrating to the United States, however I had to travel there before Ali and I could be married. I didn’t want to leave Ali. Allah guided Ali and I and perhaps this was what Allah had planned for us. Allah wanted me to go to the United States first so Ali can InshaAllah follow me. Eventually we will get married and start a new life and fulfill our dreams of sharing and spreading our love of Allah and Islam as a religion, touching lives and bringing more people to accept Islam. I am struggling here in the United States, I don’t have any Muslim friends yet. My love and trust in Allah is keeps me going and strengthens me to face all my daily struggles. Despite our distance, Ali is always with me to support me. We are taking one day at a time, we believe and trust Allah that someday we will be together and that we will be able to fulfil our dreams and mission in life that Allah had given us. Inshallah!

I hope my story will help inspire people and bring them closer to Islam. Thank you and Allah Hafiz!

Fatimah Clarisse

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