Have Hope

Think good of your Lord

You’ll be knocked straight in the face. You’ll be pushed on to the ground. You won’t have the strength to get back up. You’ll be shattered. You’ll feel terribly hopeless, as though the world has ended for you. And all these feelings will be as real as breathing.

But don’t lose hope. Don’t give in to the circumstances. It is a beautiful world out there. How perfectly is the universe designed; not a glitch. How perfectly is our world working. And how perfect are the courses of our lives.
Look back and contemplate at all the good in the apparent bad that happened to you, at all the blessing in the apparent loss and denial, at all the strength you gained from the necessary pain and apparent injustice.

Contemplate; so you’ll find the apparent bad was all intended good for you. Our life and situations are in the best hands; the Hands of the most Beneficent and the most Merciful. Trust in the wisdom of your Lord.

The love of The Divine will lift you up. He is the most Merciful. He’ll bring relief in the most unexpected ways, at the most unexpected time, from the most unexpected sources. Trust Your Lord. He takes care of your affairs better than you can plan for yourself. He loves you. His help is always near.

Seek help from Him in patience and prayer. How sincere and pure is your plea when you are down and desperate, when you feel there’s no hope on this planet, when you are exhausted and start feeling that there’s no helper except for Him. He wants you to ask from Him. He wants you to get closer to Him. He wants to make you His beloved.

So, believe that nothing happens to you without His decree. And believe that He intends good for you. Trust in His divine Wisdom and Mercy.

Think good of your Lord.

by Saad Siddique

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