Sunday 28 May 2017
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Category: Stories of the Prophets


Isa (Jesus) AS Part III

A Crucifixion? The end of the story of Isa AS is shrouded in controversy between the Muslims and the Christians. Apart from the concept of...


Isa (Jesus) AS Part II

The Da’wah of Isa AS When Isa AS was around twelve, certain incidents happened, initiated by the king at the time, which necessitated...


Isa (Jesus) AS Part I

Maryam AS, the mother of Isa AS The final prophet descended from Bani Israel (from the lineage of Ishaq AS, the son of Ibrahim AS) ended...


Dhul-Qarnayn Part II

Little is known about Ya’juj and Ma’juj – what race they are, their exact location and what form they appear in. There are...


How to cope with Death Part II

While this story is often quoted to demonstrate the qualities of a patient and considerate wife, it also reveals her profound wisdom and...


Dhul-Qarnayn Part I

The final story in Surah Al Kahf is in relation to Dhul-Qarnayn. This story, including the story ofthe People of the Cave, was revealed in...


The Yellow Cow Part II

Musa AS sought the command from Allah and: “[Musa] said, ‘[Allah] says, ‘It is a cow which is neither old nor virgin, but...


The Yellow Cow Part I

The story of the yellow cow took place during the prophethood of Musa AS. Bani Israel were trying to start a new life away from...


The Companions of the Garden Part II

According to some accounts, Allah accepted their repentance and in time, their gardens were restored back to their former glory. This time,...


The Companions of the Garden Part I

According to some reports, the story most likely takes place in Saba or Yemen. Historians have different theories as to the location of...