Sunday 28 May 2017
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My Name is Abu Ibrahim and this is how I found Islam

Assalamualaykum. My name is Abu Ibrahim.

I came from a lower middle class, Hindu orthodox family with confusing cultural differences and superstitious beliefs. We lived in the heart of Kolkata city and had many neighbours from different parts of India. The sense of realising the truth was nowhere in my thoughts those days because of the influence of the ambience, where I was among people with haughty attitudes in religious traditions (local traditions, local gods). I was never interested in all these activities in being mature enough to understand the fallacies behind their concepts. As for them they say religion is something to be held upon in any circumstance but on worldly gains we see their true colours

In college, I encountered many friends from various backgrounds, some of them were Muslims too, but they didn’t do dawah (calling towards Islam) on me. I did not even know what Islam was at that time. Time passed by, and I continued my education in engineering, where for the first time I met Brother Moinur who explained to me about Islam. He explained me the basic reason behind the origin of life, existence of God, all concepts which I thought to be very trivial earlier.

Allah SWT really guided my attention to Brother Moinur’s explanations. I learnt many things from him about Islam. I slowly became interested in understanding the concept of Creator and creation, etc and felt satisfied with the learnings, and also grew to believe that the Quran is the book revealed by Allah SWT.  Previously I had been reluctant to build upon these concepts. In the meantime, I asked my friend to give me a copy of the Quran in English. I started reading Quran but it was too early for me to understand the knowledge within in depth. I could mostly focus on the verses related to science. I could contemplate upon the verses related to origin of humans.

Alhamdulillah, by the grace of Allah, I got a chance to pursue Masters degree from a reputed technical institute in India in  2008. I was searching for a chance and Allah provided it at the right time. In the meanwhile, my heart was fixated with the love of Allah, the belief that Allah is the One true God, there is no god but Allah and Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is His messenger. I was mostly influenced by the book by Sheikh Dr. Bilal Philips titled “The Fundamentals of Tawheed”, which taught me the basic fundamentals of Islam and Allah, and who are not to be worshipped, what is shirk etc. By reading this book my heart trembled with fear of Allah and I thought that if I die as a non-Muslim, I would surely land up in hell.  Soon enough, I proclaimed that I am a Muslim by uttering the Kalimah, Alhamdulillah.