Faith and Travel

Do you love to travel?

To be a traveller, lost in the multi-dimensions of the world, takes adequate courage which comes from the Almighty. Leaving behind a familiar road in order to escape to a path of unknown is a strength that people overlook. Travelling is not only a privilege but a blessing in itself. Many of us have the luxury to travel while others are compelled to leave the country due to circumstances. In both cases, travelling can be an ultimate test of faith transforming your life into something beautiful. On the other hand, it can give you an insight of the opportunities you took for granted in the land you began with. In that case, even the flower buds of a new place tickles the memory of your home. Travelling has the power to make you think critically questioning the life you have been living. Regardless of the outcomes, it is safe to say that the reward of traveling can benefit you on this dunya and even the akirah.

The stories of a nobleman by the name of Ibn Battuta capture the dignified values of embarking on a journey. At the age of 21, this brave Muslim scholar of Moroccan descent decided to make the holy pilgrimage to Mecca. On his way, he wandered from one city to another for 27 years. From being attacked by bandits to recovering from illnesses, Battuta encountered many dilemmas. However, it didn’t hinder his motivation to continue, he claimed that “If God decrees my death, it shall be on the road with my face set toward Mecca.” You learn from the greatest traveler in Islamic history that the disasters of life should not allow us to be doubtful of Allah’s plan. If you are given the opportunity to travel or if you have no choice, you should place your trust in Allah and stay positive. Through your travels, you will share experiences with fellow humans forming bonds that will last a lifetime. Ibn Battuta, for instance came across many strangers that he befriended whom helped him out of difficulties.

In a decade where crossing the world only takes couple of hours, you should explore the extravagance of human nature. Putting aside your worldly passions to venture into an untamed jungle can set your soul free. Perhaps, you will pick up a habit that will change the way you use to live your life. Visiting Muslim countries and picking the habits of the believers can immensely change the direction of your faith. Waking up for Fajr in a country where the adhan can be heard for miles will become natural to you. When you decide to travel back to your hometown, your soul will yearn for that religious infrastructure. You will meet people that will encourage you to visit mosques for every prayer. When you travel back, you will seek similar brothers and sisters to accompany you to the mosque. Sharing Islamic knowledge can also benefit you. Perhaps, you practiced Islam wrongfully due to cultural traditions, traveling can break those habits as you acquire knowledge about the right ways to worship the Creator.

One of the five pillars of Islam is to give charity. Travelling is the best way to understand the concept behind that pillar. Some of us have the mentality that humans should earn their way up in society despite their situations. But, imagine travelling to a country where a person that looks exactly like you have holes on their shirts. The difference between you and that person is that Allah gave you the blessing of financial stability. Visiting such places will make you appreciate the carpet under your foot compared to the dirt under someone else’s foot. We have become accustomed to living a privileged life that we are desensitized to other people’s living standards. Charity is a pillar because Allah sees the poverty we don’t see. Yet, travelling is a way to open our eyes to the unbalanced world we reside in. Travelling will mold you into becoming a generous person. You will began to appreciate the flow of breathe under your nose you take for granted. Set your sails for a country that may the reason you enter Jannah.

Countless countries and islands make up the world we live in. It would be a loss not to travel to one. Choose wisely as you book your ticket. Who knows, traveling just might turn your life around for the best.

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