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Hadith of the Day has come a long way Alhamdulillah. With over 3 million members worldwide we’ve built a very loyal and interactive Muslim audience and as a result of this we receive thousands of emails each week from our users.

We love hearing from our audience and many of the activities and projects we’ve introduced have been based on the feedback we receive from our members.

One of the main sources of feedback we receive relate to marriage.

Muslims all over the world are finding it increasingly difficult to find a marriage partner. They don’t know where to go. Who to trust.

Dozens of matchmaking websites try to bridge this gap; but the reality is very few are effective and are actually helping.

Having spoken to thousands of Muslims around the world in the 3 years we have been running HOTD we know there is a huge need to help people find their marriage partners in a Halal and Islamic environment.

Following extensive research and consultation with leading Islamic scholars we are pleased to announce that Hadith of the Day will be Insha’Allah organising offline marriage events starting in the UK.

Why the UK? Well firstly HOTD is based in the UK, where we have over 160,000 members. The UK has a Muslim population of approx 3 million Muslims which means 1 in every 18 people is a HOTD member. Now that’s a lot of brothers and sisters!

We feel our events are going to be different and very soon we’re going to share many more details but here are 3 details we can share with you right away.

  1. These are NOT speed dating events
  2. Mahrams are invited and encouraged to attend
  3. Real life people work to analyse profiles and individuals to ensure you have a GREAT chance of meeting someone you like at a HOTD event.

If you’d like to attend such an event or know someone who is looking to get married, fill in the details below and we’ll come back to you via email.

Thanks for reading.

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