The Call to Success

When a friend, a relative or an acquaintance invites us to their house or to a social gathering, we usually tend to respond in two ways. Either we graciously accept their invitation or we politely refuse because we simple have other commitments. It also often happens that when we respond in the latter manner, we tend to feel bad while turning down an invite. Imagine a situation where your friend invites you over for lunch. You decline the invitation but he or she invites you again the next day. Clearly, the friend is interested in spending time with you because he or she must really like you. You decline again. The next day, your friend invites you once more for lunch. You will respond in either two ways. You will feel bad and finally accept the invite or you will turn it down once more. After having his or her invitation rejected the third time, the friend will stop inviting you because fortunately or unfortunately he will realize that you are not interested.

Hayya ʿala ‘l-falāḥ, Hayya ʿala ‘l-falāḥ! Come to success, Come to success!

A call. An invite. A call that we have always heard, continue to hear and will always hear five times a day till the Last day. It is an invitation that we casually turn down without even feeling the slightest guilt. Yet, no matter how many times we reject this call, we will receive this invite multiple times in the same day, till we cease to exist. The Caller, the Invitee, must really love us to never give up calling us to Him. But what kind of humans are we? Ignorant and rude, rejecting one call after another. How unlucky we are! This isn’t an invitation to a petty social gathering or a lunch. It is the ultimate invitation to real success. While we spend our lives running after people whom we want to impress for a promotion, a salary raise, friendship or other personal gains, we have one friend who wants us to come to real success. It is the success that outweighs all other worldly successes. But in our foolishness, we simply reject the call to real success, the success that will save us from calamity and failure. We reject this invite from a friend who will never fail us, never leave us and in fact, will give us more than we could ever ask for. We reject the invite to real success.

Since You’re Here… we have a small favour to ask.

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