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My name is Zara and this is how I accepted Islam

Asalaam Alaykum 🙂

I am 20 years of age, living in London, UK. I am a massive fan of your website and I believe what you do is truly amazing.

Being brought up in a Hindu family it had never crossed my mind that one day I would revert to Islam. It was roughly about a year ago when I suffered from an accident on holiday abroad with my friends, that something knocked my belief in what had been told to me since I was born.

Having suffered the injury, I came back to my country not giving a blind eye to what had happened, thinking it was ‘just one of those things’ , and I carried on with my life. With no disrespect to Hindus and those who do believe in Hinduism, something never quite fitted into place.

My life changed when I met someone special, a Muslim who always told me interesting stories of Islam. However as we got to know each other, we became interested in each other’s faiths and we began to ask many questions. Many harsh difficulties were placed upon us this past year, however we both took that as a sign and our love for Islam and Allah grew so rapidly we sailed through our problems and begged and begged for repentance.

Early in March this year my friend went through an extremely challenging time, many legal difficulties were placed upon him. At one point it seemed I would not see him again for the next 7 years. As for me, I was not accepted into the university I wished for, but I gained a place at a university with a very Islamic interest, which I took as a sign from Allah. I fasted during Ramadan, even though at this point I was a Hindu, slowly beginning to believe I was already a Muslim.

It wasn’t until November this year that I finally reverted and embraced Islam wholeheartedly. Many changes occurred during this past summer, and each one of them I took as a sign from Allah. I am learning how to do the 5 prayers and all the things a Muslim believer does. I sincerely hope Allah showers His blessings upon my best friend and his family; he is the most sincere and pious person I know.

My friend, MashAllah, was relieved from all his problems and till this day I cannot believe how it happened. It was truly a miracle. We prayed and prayed. Anything I say can never thank Allah enough.

Some things are just meant to be. Alhamdulillah.


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