Sunday 28 May 2017
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Category: Ramadan & Fasting


How Ready Are You for Ramadan?

By Sumaira Zaheer If your sleep routine, salah, food intake, time management and socializing habits are still all in the dumps, it’s time...


Marital Bliss in Ramadan: 8 Awesome Tips to Keep Your Love Alive

By Sumaira Zaheer   Last Ramadan, I looked forward to eating the fruit salad prepared by my husband’s hands for iftar. Even though...


Starting Anew—Al-`Afuww

By JINAN BASTAKI Sometimes we make a mistake or commit a wrong that other people know about. We may have given up the sin, or it may have...


Reflections on Eid and Ramadan

By Ahmad Luqman Years ago, I went on my first legitimate stargazing outing. My sister was visiting from out of town and one of her friends,...


Wasting Food: A Personal Ramadan Pledge

By Nada Shawish   How much of your food goes to waste? In my house, we don’t mean to, but I know that we’ve wasted food, and...


Al-Ghazali on the Secrets of Fasting

By Rami Koujah To claim that the act of fasting is more than mere abstention from food, drink, and intimacy with one’s spouse is a...


How Faith Influences Health

By Khalil Marcus Lambert, Ph.D. In his famous book, How to Eat to Live, the leader of the Nation of Islam (a conduit through which many...


Hungry & Thirsty for Ramadan

Food and Drink Food and drink is a means of survival. It becomes pleasure when eating out. It’s intake is reduced when on a diet. Food...


Ramadan Reflections: Hardships Are Hidden Blessings

By Lauren Tabakhi The pre-Ramadan enthusiasm I felt within me was unmatched compared to any other point in time throughout the year. In...


On Call: The Trials of Being a Muslim Doctor during Ramadan

By Ahmed Zaafran With Ramadan rapidly approaching, the time has come to prepare mentally, spiritually, and physically for one of the most...