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My Name is Linda and this is how I accepted Islam


My name is Linda. I am a revert to Islam. My journey to Islam is really fascinating and here is my story.

It was afternoon on our way home from work, my office colleague telling me something about family situations, faith and other things. We shared views about my former religion [Catholic] and Islam. As we went deeper in our discussion, suddenly it came to mind that I wanted to know “What is Islam?” I felt in my heart an astonishing feeling to hurry home and turn on my computer to search more about Islam. On searching,  I found different videos and testimonies from different sources. One video that caught my attention was a live lecture of Shaykh Yusuf Estes in Dubai. I watched it till the end.

On that day I didn’t understand the feelings inside me but since then I was always excited to go home and listen intently to the lectures and watch videos of different Islamic speakers, all saying the same words, same manners with the same faith. Along the way of listening to those speakers and learning, I found myself crying with those who took Shahada and hearing their stories on how their lives changed after embracing the truth.

On my 2 weeks of following Shaykh Yusuf Estes’ lectures, he gave me his email address and I decided to write to him. It was a Thursday, I sent him an email saying that if ever I will be given a chance to be a Muslim, I would like him to be the one to give me the Shahada here in Qatar. On Friday evening I received a surprising reply from Shaykh Yusuf Estes, saying that he is glad to read my message as he was in Qatar at that time!

So I called the organizer of the event to check if Shaykh Yusus Estes had a public lecture that I could attend. I was informed that there were no public lectures at that time, however Shaykh Yusuf would meet me. On Saturday, I made my way to to meet Shaykh Yusuf Estes, and recognised him right away. I approached him and introduced myself. He was very happy to hear of my decision and without further ado, I took my Shahada with him on that day, 8th December 2011 in Qatar.

Allah worked this way for me and I am so blessed that He guided me to the right path. Everyone at my workplace was surprised about it because I had not shared with them previously. I had been guided by Allah alone without anyone convincing me to become a Muslim. Masha’Allah and Alhamdulillah I received my certificate after completing my studies at the Fanar Islamic Center in Doha, Qatar. Insha’Allah I will take my Islamic education further to gain more knowledge about our religion.

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