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My name is Saeed and this is how I accepted Islam

Assalamualaykum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh

My name is Saeed, I am 34 years old and I live in Sweden. Last year in June i took the Shahada and reverted to the beautiful religion of Islam. Here is my story on how I became a Muslim.

Before I discovered Islam, I was completely uninterested in religion – for me it was something “for others, not for me”. I was Catholic but I never really cared about it, and somehow I never really understood the Christian religion, Subhanallah. It just didn’t make sense to me. So I lived my regular, Western life without even thinking about religion. I even considered myself as an atheist during my pre-Islamic life.

So how can a non-religious guy like me become a practising Muslim? Well it all basically started in Autumn 2011, when I started to get to know different Muslims on Facebook and in real life, through my pro-Palestinian activity. Like most non-Muslim Westerners, I didn’t really know much about Islam and I started to ask my new Muslim friends about different things. What fascinated me was that they all answered the same way, totally independent of each other. And although they weren’t religious Muslims, they knew a lot about their religion and they could always tell me where to find the answers to certain questions in the Quran. And that quite impressed me , and everything they told me made just so much sense.

Even before I started to talk to Muslims I used to listen to Quran recitations, and I always had a little thing for that because to me it sounded so beautiful although I didn’t understand anything. I heard some reciters crying while reading the Quran and that truly touched me. Then one night I dreamt about Quran recitations, and somehow in the dream I understood every single word of it, although it was in Arabic. And I could see a mosque in the dream.

After that incident, I started to investigate Islam in detail, and the first thing I did was to stop eating pork meat, because all of a sudden I found it disgusting. In March 2012 I started to read the Quran in Swedish language from the beginning to the end, and the reading of the Quran changed my life completely. I was so fascinated by the Quran, it gave me all the answers I needed to understand Islam, and while I was reading, questions “popped up” in my mind like “I wonder what Allah says about this, or that matter…” and SubhanAllah when I turned the page I would read the answer of exactly what I was wondering as if Allah SWT planted the question in my mind, that’s why I felt that He SWT was guiding me on the right path, and when I read that Allah SWT only guides the ones he wants to guide and let others go astray, I got really humble and at many occasions I started to cry. So full of respect for Allah SWT and His messenger (SAW) I learned how to perform the salat. And when I was reading Quran and performing salat, I got a feeling deep inside of me that is hard to explain. I can just say that everything suddenly felt so good and my attitude to certain things had changed.

A friend of mine suggested me to go to a mosque and talk to Muslims there and to the imam, and hear what they have to say. So on a Friday I went to the local mosque here and talked to the imam after the prayer, and he was really happy to hear about my experiences and even others who had stayed and listened to what I had to say, were so happy to meet me and everybody was so nice MashaAllah and I felt immediately that I was among brothers. After I was there I decided to take the Shahada and become a Muslim. In my head I had already reverted, I was performing salat regularly and I had stopped all my bad habits such as smoking. So on a saturday, 2 June I said “Ash-hadu an la ilaha illa allah, wa ash-hadu anna Mohammadan ‘abduhu wa rasuluhu” and at that moment it felt as someone put cold water in my neck

And since I reverted, Subhanallah my life has been so positive and good, I thank Allah SWT for all the rizq He gives me. And in February this year I married a wonderful Muslima from Morocco and we look forward to our Islamic life together Inshallah.

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