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My name is Wardah and this is how I accepted Islam

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatul Laahi Wa Barakatu

I am a 30 year old revert sister to Islam and I feel so honoured to be sharing my story on Hadith of the Day.

I embraced Islam when I got married at the age of 18. At that time I embraced Islam only for the purpose of getting married as my ex-husband told me if I wanted to marry him I had to become a Muslim. I took my Shahadah but with the wrong conviction. I was very young, I didn’t know other Muslims at that time so everything my ex-husband advised and told, I thought to be true at that time. At the time of our marriage, ex-husband was not a practising Muslim and he also never learnt anything about Islam. The marriage lasted for 4 years and then we got divorced.

After my divorce I did not revert back to Christianity as I was advised that when you become Muslim you can never turn your back on Islam no matter what the circumstances. Although I did not turn my back to Islam, I also never lived my life as a Muslim – I did not cover my head, I never closed myself, had the wrong circle of friends, I indulged in clubbing at that time. I am not proud of who and what I was before but Alhamdulillah it has made me a much stronger person. This wrong lifestyle continued for a few years, until a miracle from Allah SWT happened.

I cannot describe the feeling, however all I can explain is that on 15th Ramadan in the year 2009, I woke up that morning and the words of the Kalimah Shahaadah uttered out of my mouth the first thing when I opened my eyes. Yaa Rabb I had no idea what had just happened to me as I had no idea what I said, I felt confused but at the same time I had never felt more content and at peace. I went to see a Muslim sister I knew at the time and explained to her what had happened to me. I saw an instant happiness in her facial expression. She explained that I had received “Hidaya”, and she also explained to me that Allah picks those whom Allah SWT wishes to receive Hidaya. I felt a warm heart filled feeling hearing her words. She continued to tell me I needed to be a practicing Muslim I needed to go learn Islam and that is exactly what I did. That evening I explained to my parents and I said to them that I wanted to be a practicing Muslim; I want to die proudly as a Muslim. Alhamdulillah my parents accepted my decision and promised to stand by me and support me where ever they can.

From that day of seeing Hidaya, my life has been filled with so much barakah and khair. Through Islam I found myself and my purpose. Through Islam I feel whole, through Islam I feel nothing can go wrong and if it should it will only be for my benefit through Allah’s infinite mercy.

So my friend started educating me on the basics I needed to know in order to be a practicing Muslim. I decided to take that a step further and pursue the Sunnah. I felt I wanted to and needed to know more, much more of Islam. In 2010 I went into a one- year revert programme and Alhamdulillah through the guidance of Allah SWT I graduated in December 2010. Alhamdulillah Allah was in His time making me stronger in Imaan by the day. In January 2011 I enrolled at Islaahul Baanat to do an Aalimah course, and still felt something deep inside me was missing that a piece of the puzzle wasn’t in place. In time, I made more and more Muslim friends who were truly a great inspiration in my life and who really helped and guided me through my studies.

I learnt about Hifz. I did Istikhaarah asking Allah SWT for guidance. Alhamdulillah Allah guided me to a haafiz school in Ottery, Cape Town. I found my role in this duniya, my purpose my being here and that is to be a slave of Allah SWT, to make my life all about Ibaadah towards Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah!!! I am now a full time haafiz student and a part time student at the Qurra Development Programme. My passion is the Quran Yaa Salaam, it is my goal to complete hifz and further my studies in Qiraa’at, to obtain Ijaza in the 10 qiraa’at and Allah SWT has granted me thus far with the best of the Ulema. Alhamdulillah.

Everyday I say Alhamdulillah and thank Allah SWT for making me a part of this beautiful way of life called Islam. Without it I was nothing and with Islam I am everything.

I reside with my Christian family in Cape Town, South Africa who are very supportive of my religion and studies, they help me in every way possible they can Alhamdulillah. I have good parents Alhamdulillah and I always make Dua that Allah SWT grants them with Hidaya as Allah SWT has granted me with Hidaya.

It is so beautiful how Allah SWT works in His most wonderful and mysterious ways Alhamdulillah and I’m sure other revert sisters and brothers understand and can relate to that. Allahu Akbar! Allah truly grants us with so much Barakah and Khair in our lives.

Wardah M.

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