Why is there so much hype about Hijama?

One of the most popular Olympian of all time; US Swimmer Michael Phelps and other Sports Stars such as Alexander Naddour , Floyd Mayweather, Amir Khan, Manny Pacquiao and Shahid Afridi have been seen with large, round, purple marks on their bodies! What are they? How did they get there? It’s from a treatment called “Cupping.”

The whole world is going crazy about this new trend that these Athletes have brought to the media’s attention. Naddour said that Cupping “provides relief from the soreness and pounding that come from gymnastics.”

Not to mention, we saw most recently seen in the media Anthony Joshua is getting Islamic Hijama Cupping done to boost his performance. (Click on Image to see)


Also Actors and Singers have also been seen in the past with these marks created by Cupping; Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin Bieber, Victoria Beckham, Freida Pinto and Jennifer Aniston have all been photographed with what look like Cupping marks.

Just as fasting has become trendy with the intermittent fasting so has Cupping Therapy.

Listen to one of our Diploma students, who was suffering from a number of chronic illnesses: Dementia, Lupus, Blood pressure, Diabetes and how Hijama was able to eradicate these.

So what is Hijama?

I am Muddassar Raja, the CEO of a Hijama Nation Academy; an Education Service about Hijama Cupping Therapy. Through this article, I will be teaching you about the forgotten Sunnah of Hijama and how it can help you improve your pain issues and sickness.

Despite an IT and Business background, I got into Hijama because of my Wife. My wife is a Holistic Body therapist and learned Hijama from a professional Hijama institute. She practised it on her nurse friends after that more nurses began to come for treatment. After realising the number of stories I hear of sick people who are getting sicker with other treatments, I saw results with Hijama and the need of Hijama. I then launched an Online Hijama Courses service so the public is educated on the benefits of Hijama.

The word “Hijama” literally means “sucking” in Arabic and it is the Islamic term used for what is known as “Wet Cupping”, Where blood is drawn by creating a vacuum (via Cups) from a small skin incision for healing purposes.

Hijama Cupping Therapy is a strictly Islamic procedure, natural healing art which is crucial to Islamic integrative medicine. With Religion and faith as base, it is the best recommended treatment for any disease, ordered by Allah.

Amongst all these amazing miracles, Allah (Glorious is He and He is Exalted also ordered the Angels to instruct Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to establish hijama cupping therapy.

“I did not pass by an Angel from the Angels on the Night Journey except that they all said to me; ‘Upon you is Hijama cupping, O Muhammad’”(Saheeh Sunan ibn Maajah -3477)

Allah has created an amazing human body which can keep itself stable and strong, by fighting disease and expelling toxins. It is called Homeostatic Balance. But once the body gets imbalanced due to sickness this is when the body’s ability to heal itself is compromised. Our body needs ideally a natural way to expel this from the body to restore balance. By removing the toxins, acids and excess fluids, we trigger and enable the body’s Homeostatic system. This then allows the body to start healing itself from disease and imbalances. One way to do this is through Detoxification and a great was is through Hijama Cupping Therapy.

Hijama Cupping helps restore balance in the body. For instance, those suffering from Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Thyroid and many more illnesses it can help bring the reading to normal over time along with other dietary and other lifestyle changes.

Before moving in further, let’s take a look at the types of the cupping therapy.

Dry Cupping:
The Dry cupping uses special cups and suction equipment applied on certain points on the body. The skin is sucked into the cup and the blood vessels expand which promotes the blood circulation. The cups are left for 5-10 minutes on the skin and no incisions are made. This method is used to bring to the surface toxins. Bruises may appear after dry cupping, but they will disappear in 3-10 days depending upon your body type.

This is what the Olympians mentioned above have been pictured with but Anthony Joshua was getting Islamic Hijama Cupping done: This is also called wet cupping

Wet Cupping
The Wet cupping or Hijama is same as dry cupping but involves directing small incisions on the superficial layer of the skin. The toxic and unhealthy blood is released from the body and of this is removed it will reduce chance of it affected the rest of the blood supply, organ functions and other bodily system and prevent any further sickness.

3. Moving cupping

This is applying oil on the body as you glide the Hijama cups with oil to massage and improve circulation.

For Hijama, there is a great amount of scientific evidence and research being done right now. Hijama has become so popular and professional standards and best practices are improving daily. Just because many medical professionals have not had exposure to the scientific studies, it does not mean Dry Cupping or Hijama Wet Cupping is not a viable treatment.

After all, millions of people had been performing it for centuries…

A study was done comparing venous blood (blood taken during blood tests) and the blood extracted via Hijama samples to read the study Click Here!

Results showed during the Hijama Procedure more toxins are raised to the surface compared to venous blood taken during blood tests.

If you follow our emails you will learn more on the science behind Hijama.

The Hijama Therapist Has A Special Status

Imagine having a career/profession that the Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has praised himself;

The Prophet ﷺ said: “If there is anything good in the medicines with which you treat yourselves, it is in the incision of the hijama therapist, or a drink of honey….” (Muslim #2205)

We encourage as many Muslims as possible to learn how to perform hijama professionally, in order to

Counter the negative side effects of allopathic medication and chemicals

Treat the diseases that are untreatable even with modern medicine
Have this treatment available to more people
Have a satisfying and spiritually rewarding career
Revive the forgotten sunnah of hijama.

Meet Sr Umm Hamza (A Hijama Nation Diploma Course Graduate) from New York who tells about her Son suffering from headaches for a long time and how learning Hijama has made some remarkable changes in her family.


Hijama Equipment & Service

We ensure our students who are trained under us follow strict Health & Safety Regulations and ensure a high level of hygiene standards and a top level of Patient care. Also the prevention of any cross contamination.

Our Practitioners are advised to take a Medical History of the patient, an assessment of proposed treatment plan, good communication with the patient especially ensuring they are comfortable with the procedure, protecting one self with Quranic recitation and ensure following up with the patient.

We are the lead advisors for the GRCCT, which is the General Regulatory Council for Complementary Therapies and we keep up to date with regulations.

The equipment used is:

  • Individually wrapped, disposable sterile steel surgical blades
  • Medical exam gloves
  • Sharps are disposed of safely in a sharps container
  • All items such as plastic cups, tissues, towels, gowns and medical exams gloves are disposed of safely and hygienically (or incinerated depending upon Local Government Law)

You can ensure these are in place at your Hijama session.

Follow our next Article where you will learn more about Hijama, the life of a Hijama Practitioner and how you can earn extra income with an Islamic Therapy so you too can leave a legacy.

Hijama can change yours, your family and communities’ life in remarkable ways just as we have seen with 100’s of our students.

Action Items

Now with this phenomenal knowledge, be proactive. Here is your action list to be part of the revival of the sunnah of hijama cupping therapy:

  • Book a hijama treatment and get treated – experience it first hand.
  • Learn how to perform hijama and treat your family and friends safely
  • Expand your skill set and get qualified as a Certified Hijama Practitioner
  • Start treating the community professionally and safely
  • Promote hijama, spread the word and educate the Muslim community
  • Establish the sunnah of hijama cupping therapy

“Whoever revives a Sunnah from my Sunnah and the people practice it, s/he will have the same reward of those who practice it without their reward diminishing…” (Sunan ibn Maajah 209)

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