Sunday 28 May 2017
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Category: Marriage


Empathy in Marriage: How to Connect Emotionally with Your Spouse

By Sheima Salam Sumer   We are all aware that the marital relationship is regarded as extremely important in Islam. In addition to...


When You Marry for Four Reasons, Don’t Forget Your Reason

By Karim Serageldin As a practicing psychologist, I was once consulted by a brother in Turkey in need of immediate relationship advice. In...


M&M’s: Marriage and Money

By Eyad Alnaslah A recent article in the New York Times highlighted the importance of a couple agreeing on the type of financial lifestyle...


Will Marriage Solve My Problems?

By UBAH After engaging more with the Muslim community through activities like da`wah (calling to Islam), conferences, and halaqat (study...


Emotional Bullying and Being a ‘Loser’ in Marriage

A few weeks ago, an article was widely circulated about a woman whose husband told her he was leaving and she decided to ‘ignore’ him...


Can I Celebrate Mother’s Day?

Answered by Dar al-Ifta al-Masriyyah The Question Can I Celebrate Mother’s Day? The Answer Man is the creation of Allah.  Allah Most...


Is Marital Rape Allowed in Islam?

By SHAZIA AHMAD  This is an important question which has come to the fore in recent times, and which has been the cause of confusion for...


Wifehood and Motherhood are Not the Only Ways to Paradise

By MARYAM AMIREBRAHIMI “Why are you majoring in that field?” I asked a sister in college. She sighed, “To be honest, I just want to...


Want Your Marriage to Last? Get Premarital Counselling

By AMAL KILLAWI    I spent my time at a recent wedding listening to people’s marriage problems. As the guests danced the night...