Thursday 27 April 2017
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Category: Purification


A true noble man

The hadith we are going to be reminded of today is beautiful enough to make us stop and think about the way we perceive people around us....


Children and Islam

If you have one last thing to tell your children before you die, what would it be? Think about this honestly and carefully. What -in your...


The Real King

Take a deep breath. Clear your mind. Empty your heart and mind of everything that is troubling you for a minute. Done? Now, read this...


Belief in Allah

Recently I started hearing this question a lot. The idea of believing in God without following His commands or the fara’ed (required...


Jannah and the immense rewards

Many people ask this question at some point in their lives. This is actually an interesting question. Let’s think about it together....


How to start over after a life of sins?

People are difficult sometimes. Right? If you had an argument with someone, and then you try to talk to them again, you’ll feel like...


How Do You Know There is a God

During my first year at UCLA, I decided to go to a Dawah workshop held by one of the brothers involved in the MSA. The goal of the workshop...


Don’t be Sad

This is a very important reminder for all of us. We all get sad sometimes, and that’s a normal human feeling. However, we need to...


But Allah Saw!

A quick and beautiful reminder from Surat ‘Abasa (chapter 80 of The Noble Qur’an). The circumstances of revealing this surah...


Midlife Crisis & Married Muslim Men

His phone blinked with a new message.  She casually glanced over to see if it was a message from their son who needed to be picked up from...