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My name is Sambulo Jiyane and this is how I accepted Islam

This is My story I was not the best person my community could rely on and did not follow any religion. Seeing muslim brothers going to pray in the Mosques got me very interested in Islam. I became
fascinated by these brothers that would go and pray regularly on time. I started reading books related to Islam and what I found there was the truth. So hard for people to achieve but worth living for. I struggled on how to live well with people, my life was definitely amess. I lacked truth, financial discipline and self dignity.
Alhamdulilah on the 1st night of Ramadan 1438 I reverted to islam. What I felt when I took the shahadah is very difficult to relate in words, but what a moment. ALLAH guided me and I became a submitter.
That is what muslim means (to submit your will to the will of the creator of everything). My life has changed a lot since I reverted to Islam. I can now set goals for myself and later on stand victorious.

The compassion that muslim brothers would show me, made me realize that ALLAH is the one and only Supreme Creator of the heavens and the earth. The all seeing, all hearing and most knowledgeable. As I am still a new revert to Islam, I hope one day to be able to live a lifein a manner that ALLAH the Greatest will be most pleased with me (InSha ALLAH). Brothers and Sisters shaitan lives to devour the blessed time the ALLAH has given us. Like our beloved Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) lets us all carry the emblem of truth from ALLAH with the utmost pride and glory for heaven has been laid on a silver platter.
Now that I have read the glorious Quran my life has purpose and I enjoy peace of mind and I have become very content. Islam has taught me to give in love and the part I like ALLAH does not want too much from us. It’s a solid straight religion that makes people pure in the eyes of ALLAH the Greatest. Every Friday I attend Jumma prayers and the feeling is fantastic. Thank you to all the brothers that showed me the benefits of worshiping ALLAH the One and only. Let’s all bear in
mind that we are subject to sin in as much as our imperfect human nature may seem ALLAH is going to make it easy for us in any situationand be ready to be protected by him too. This is what I have beensearching for, Alhamdulilah ALLAH has touched my heart and soul may Hetouch yours too. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh (May the Peace, Mercy, and Blessings of Allah be Upon You) Brother Ismael

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