The Power of Tahajjud

By Imran Shaikh

I am writing this because I want to share with you my story of how we experienced the power of Dua, Ajwa Dates, Tahajjud and most importantly Tawakkul.

My wife and I were blessed with a beautiful baby girl three years ago, Alhumdulillah. She was born in 7 and 1/2 months, yes, pre-mature. Looking nothing less than a baby monkey with hair all over her body, she was a beautiful blessing sent down to us from Allah (SWT).

My baby spent 53 days in NICU and those were the most difficult days of my life but Alhumdulillah that passed.

Now because my daughter was pre-mature she had some birth defects like weakness, delayed speech and delayed walking. We were doing check-ups regularly with the paediatrician.

Slowly but surely weakness was turning in to strength. Delayed speech was replaced with constant call to “Baba come here” “Baba catch me” and many more BUT delayed walking seemed the most serious.
Around a year and a half ago, back her physiotherapist asked us to get her hip checked by a specialist and what we learned was not something we expected.

My little girl was diagnosed with DDH (Development Hip Dysplasia). Her left hip joint was not forming. She had to go through a minor surgery. This will be her 2nd surgery at such a tiny age. First surgery for hernia, was when she was 2 months old.

So the DDH surgery took place, she was in a cast for 3-4 months. We were literally under house arrest, could barely take her out, although we did.
A few months after the cast was removed she started walking though not with full confidence and control but at least she started. We had to go for check-ups every 3 months, while getting x-rays done to know the bone position and development was a must.

Fast-forward to February this year, we received further shocking news that her left leg which already had surgery MIGHT need another one as although the bone had developed and she was walking (not running or jumping yet), the hip bone was not fixed in the socket 100%. It was not dislocated but the condition is called Sub-Luxation.

We felt as if we were hit by a bullet train out of nowhere. First the thought of my little one having to undergo another major surgery and secondly the finances to pay for the surgery. I had no idea what to do. I was lost.
The doctor recommended to keep my little one in leg brace during the night to help keep the bone directed towards the socket. We checked online to learn about children and parents who have already gone through this. We also went to another doctor for a “second opinion” and he confirmed the need for surgery.

Devastated and frightened, our only hope was in Allah (SWT)

It’s not that this door was the last, we have always prayed for our child’s health. Although my wife and I did not pray regularly, this shocking incident broke us down and brought us down on our knees to beseech to Allah. Thankfully our heads bow down and our hands raise for help to the Ahad, Allah (SWT).

We started praying 5 times, I would make up for any prayers missed. I bought Ajwa dates for it has benefits (increases bone strength) and recommended by our Prophet peace be upon him. After every prayer I would call my little one, read Ayat-al-Kursi and Surah Fatiha and blow on her left hip joint. 

My wife and I also started praying Tahajjud. For Dua made at Tahajjud is like an arrow which does not miss its target
– Imam ash-Shafi.

I felt at peace after praying Tahajjud. I asked Allah to help my child, give her strength and to put her bone back in to the socket. Yes, why not, after all He is the Al-Qadir, the All Powerful. And I also prayed to guide me towards a decision that would be best for my child and to give me strength and patience to go through the surgery with her. And we left everything to Allah, knowing and believing completely that He will get me, my wife and my child through this just like He did when my little one was in hospital for 53 days away from us.

Today, 2nd May 2016 , three months after we first learnt of her hip bone condition, we went to see the doctor again hoping or may be not hoping for any miracle and preparing for the worse, we got the routine x-ray done.

So now we are in doctor’s room, my wife takes out the x-ray while the doctor is busy on a call. She puts up the x-ray near the light and at first the bone looks to be in the same position as it was 3 months back. Then for no reason why she takes out the x-ray taken 3 months back AND we can see some improvement in the joint!!!

I looked at my wife with a big question mark and waited for doctor to examine the latest x-ray and compare with the last one.
And here comes the surprise. We came in prepared for the worse but it all changed when the doctor started talking and explaining the change. Alhumdulillah. My tension changed to tears of relief and joy.

The doctor says the bone looks stable, although very slightly out of the joint but he does not see the need for surgery now and recommends us to see a physiotherapist for some back/hip strengthening exercise along with keeping the night time leg brace. In the doctor’s opinion with the help of exercise the bone will get its strength and move itself into the socket.

In the doctor’s room, in the hospital, driving while coming back home I literally had to hold my tears rolling out. I thanked Allah (SWT) for helping my baby but I cannot thank Him enough ever.

I don’t know whose dua was accepted because my parents made dua for us as well. More importantly, this episode taught me the importance of Tahhajjud and Tawakkul.

I intend to make Tahhajjud a way of life and pray it regularly and not only when needed, along with the obligatory 5 time prayers and I have also learned the power of Tawakkul.

I am still trying hard to control my tears, but I know it will all pour out tonight when I put my head down in front of the One and Only when the people around me would be sleeping, Tahhajjud. Alhamdulillah.

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